Monday, August 8, 2011

100 days

Today is Elijah's 100th day celebration!

Here in Korea (as well as in China), 100 days is an important milestone for babies. Traditionally, there was a high infant mortality rate, and surviving 100 days was a big deal. During the first 100 days, mother and baby stayed indoors and no visitors were allowed. The babies were often unnamed until this day. For Baby's 100 Day Celebration, rice cakes were given out, and spirits thanked.

(Rice cake: 'Congratulations 100 Days')

There aren't any 'rules' for this celebration, but parents still give out rice cakes - 100 of them for the best luck.

From what I gather, it's a popular time for a photo shoot, and the time to shave baby's sweet, soft locks. Which is kind of sad, really... who would want to nuzzle a stubbly-headed infant? Razor burn!

Another reason why the 100th day is important is because it marks the 365th day of life!
From actual conception to birth is about 265 days, plus the first 100 = 1 year!

So happy 365th day of being alive, my son, and thank you for being in our arms for 100 days!

*info on Korean culture from Hyon Ju Park Lee's Korean culture blog and ddok picture from Gyopo Wife's blog.


  1. Happy 100th post-womb day Elijah!

  2. I've never heard of the celebration of the 100th day! So interesting. How large is that beautiful rice cake? It must be as delicious as it looks! Have a great time with Kathy. I can just imagine your excitement!! Love to you both. Aunt Carol