Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The silk, linen, and nylon anniversary

Time really slips by.

It does not feel as if four years have passed since Gow and I were married, and six years since we met/got engaged.

Yeah...we got engaged within a month of meeting.
Very quick, but "when you know, you know".
We did wait 2 years before actually getting married though.

Beijing - April, 2005.

Gary had been traveling through China, and I had been visiting my parents. We met in a youth hostel dormitory a few days before we left for our respective countries (USA-me, UK-him).
We spent 36 hours together, and before departing, Gow asked if I would come to England the following week. I agreed.
One month later, in Turkey, we decided to get married.

I went back to California and finished up a summer class before moving to England. Within 6 months, we headed to China where we would live and work (and plan a wedding). forward to July 21, 2007.

We were married by my wonderful aunt, a Presbyterian minister on my grandparents' lawn. Gary designed both my dress and his shirt.

It was a small wedding, but my entire extended family turned out!

It was a very special day, complete with violins, a mini-concert given by my country/western father-in-law, and a pinata.

Happy Anniversary dear husband of mine. You rock my world, and have done since the day we met.
I am looking forward to celebrating a zillion more anniversaries with you.

For nostalgic purposes - link to my old MySpace blog. Full story, but quite long.


  1. Congratulations on your 4 yrs. of marriage! May God bless you with continued joy, adventure, good health, and peace in your relationship. With love, Aunt Carol & Uncle Ken

  2. Now it seems I have a place to stalk you.. mwahahahaha...

    Seriously though, You and Gary have such a lovely story and now a lovely young boy as well. Congrats to both of you wonderful people on your happiness. :)


  3. We praise the Father for bringing your lives together! And for the gift of Elijah! May Father daily lead you in the paths of righteousness for His Name sake. Happy 4th Anniversary! Love always, Mom and Dad XOXO