Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Boy

On May 1st, 2011, Ej was born. It was an incredible experience, and he has totally changed our lives in every way. He wasn't due until the 11th, and so we consider it very special that he was born that particular day...*Poppy's birthday.

Ej was born via waterbirth (which I highly recommend) at Mediflower, the only all-natural clinic in Korea.
Dr. Chung was the attending, and was assisted by a midwife and our doula Rachel (from Morning Calm). Elijah was 3.58kg and 54cm long. He was unbelievably beautiful, and very calm. He didn't start crying or screaming until he was 3 weeks old. Then he didn't want to took him 5 weeks to calm down.

He's now 10 weeks old, and in my opinion, the most beautiful and intelligent and advanced baby ever. Elijah has the most beautiful smiles, which make even the longest days and nights worth it.

I can't wait to watch him grow up. Motherhood is certainly the most exciting adventure of my life.

*Poppy - my dearly loved grandfather

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