Thursday, July 28, 2011

The weather post

Is the weather insane the whole world over? Heat waves, typhoons, flooding, wild fires . . . it's a bit mad. The earth is all topsy-turvy. Makes me think more about global warming and the damage we've done.

We here in South Korea are trapped inside a heat
wave~torrential downpour cycle. There is massive flooding around the country, which has resulted in landslides and deaths. There was 400mm (16 inches) of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday.

When it's not raining, it's scorchingly hot and humid. There are also very high winds, which remind me of typhoons in the Philippines.
Thankfully, we haven't had any flooding in our little town, and hopefully the river won't overflow (and the hills behind our house will stay up).

The heat makes for uncomfortable napping - so if Elijah sleeps for more than 40 minutes, it's a blessing. Poor lad. He's got three fans on him, but the air is just so heavy, damp, and warm.

Suffice it to say, it hasn't been a very nice summer.

I'm wishing we were at the cabin in Maine!

Hopefully you all are staying cool/dry/safe.

[Elijah wistfully thinking of the cool lake in Wayne]

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