Thursday, July 14, 2011

The grands

My mom and dad were just here. It was wonderful!!! But it also made me profoundly sad that we don't live near any family.

The name of this blog is apt. No permanent address. I've never lived anywhere long enough for it to be considered permanent. I guess living in the Philippines counts...but we didn't stay in the same place. Poppy's house in Maine has been my 'permanent mailing address' for years, but I have only lived there for a sum total of 3 years. Now that place is gone as well.

My parents DID just buy a house, so that will become our home. Well, our new mailing address at least.

I really want to put some roots down. I want Elijah to have a home and a yard and friends he'll keep his whole life. Being a TCK (third culture kid) from a rural Philippine town, I missed out on that stuff. Not that I regret my childhood at all, I just want my son to have a bit more stability.

Anyway! What an intro!
I wanted to talk about my parents coming to visit! They got to meet Elijah for the first time, and he loved them. Mom and Dad were so helpful as well... I got to take NAPS!!! It was amazing. Naps, showers, walks...even a trip to the store. Made me realize that it really does 'take a village' even at this early stage. Elijah is only 10 weeks old, but the extra attention and love made him blossom.

The point? I miss my family. I wish we all lived close enough to stop over for tea or a quick chat. Can we buy some land and start a family commune?

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