Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tiniest Sleep Fighter

Oh my beloved son, why do you hate sleep so? You sleep so well at night though, so I shouldn't complain.
Elijah usually sleeps between 10-12 hours every night, with several "dream feeds" scattered throughout (Dream feeding = nursing while the baby is still sleeping). But during the day, we are lucky if he sleeps an hour at a time. Currently, he is staying awake for a total of 9-10 hours. While he is so tired, he just won't stay asleep, and it's a massive undertaking to get him to nod off.

(Grandma patiently bouncing)

Elijah must be swaddled, and then bounced on my exercise ball for a minimum of 20 minutes. This is the only way he will give up and let sleep take him. Usually, I end up bouncing him for 30-40 minutes. Or more.
He shows sleepy signs after about an hour of being awake...yawning, yelling (he makes these cute little squawks), rubbing his eyes/face. But when we try to get him to sleep, the PROTESTS begin. Oh my. You would think his personal freedom and way of life was being threatened!

(Grandpa doing The Superman)

Even now, he is such an individual. He knows what he wants, and how he wants it done. You must hold him a certain way... The Superman.
Nothing else will do. Unless he wants to sit up, then he will squawk until you hold him upright. But he must be facing the world. Woe to you who try holding him close...that is, unless he is in the mood for some cuddletime.

(telling Dad a story)

He does like 'talking' though, and is very expressive. He is really quite vocal!

I guess you could say he is a difficult baby.

But even through all this, I think about when he will stop needing me, and draw him closer and keep gently bouncing even after he has fallen asleep. I cherish the moments when he lets me hold him. I don't ever want to forget how he feels in my arms. I love his softness, how squishy he is, and how he molds to me. I adore his sweet, spontaneous gummy smiles. I love holding his little head when he's nursing, and how it fits in the palm of my hand. He is so precious to me, my tiny son.

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