Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a day, just like any other day

Last night was fairly decent, considering the 4-month regression and all. Elijah was asleep by 7pm, and only woke up once before we went to bed. He was up for a feeding at 1:30am, then again at 3:30 and 5:30. I took him into bed with me then, and he slept until almost 7am. Not a bad start to the day!

We hung out with Gary and had breakfast. Gary went off to work, and I put Elijah down for a nap at 8:30am, and he slept until 10:20 (with a short wake-up after the first 45 minutes - I had to bounce him back to sleep). I got a nap then too. Awesome.

Back awake, and the Gary came home again. Lunch and playtime, and another nap at 12:15pm. He slept until nearly 2pm that time (with just a tiny little wake-up and bounce back to sleep).


Then we made bread (Elijah helped)...

 ...and went for a walk with Sookie around the apartments.

It was a really nice afternoon, and it felt good to get outside.

Elijah had one more (very) short nap between 3:45-4:20pm. We then did tummy-time and read some books. Elijah practiced rolling over -- which he can do, but prefers not to. He's a bit chunky, and I've read that makes it harder to roll over.
"ma, WHY?"
"ack! so hard!"

Reading one of his favorite books.

Then daddy came home! Yay! Elijah was full of smiles (not shown).

At 5:30 we started the bedtime routine:

First comes nekkid time! Elijah loves this, and coos and laughs and gurgles.
Then there's the bath, which he enjoys most of the time.
After that, he gets pampered with a lovely coconut-oil massage. Lucky little man.
Then he's dressed and has a quick feed.
I walk around the apartment singing to him for a while, to wind him down, before swaddling and one last feed. Then it's bouncy time on the ball, and prayers.

And Elijah was asleep by 6:45 this evening!

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  1. 1. yay for bread making!
    2. I thoguht this would be the best way to comment back since I know I don't have a reply to option with comments.. I purchased the bowls from World Market for about 5$.. there was one going out of business here. I saw them about a month ago (same exact ones) for some ridiculous high price. at Anthropologie...They are adorable... and work very well... but not incredibly durable... so maybe not worth the 25$ or whatever price they were there. :)