Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nan and Granddad

Gary's parents, Ted and Jean, have come to visit. They have retired to Spain (from England), but made the LONG trip over to Korea just to see their newest grandson. We are enjoying their company, and they certainly are loving Elijah.
We're stuck indoors today, with lots of wind and rain, but yesterday was great fun! We went for a walk around the neighborhood, down to the local grocery store, and then to the beach. Elijah loves being outside, and was happy and content the whole day. He's not so happy today, and Nan is working hard to keep him entertained.

Like-minded souls

Hopefully the rest of their week here will be sunny and fun! I've got a hearty beef stew in the crock pot, a loaf of whole wheat bread cooling, and a stick of French bread rising. Seemed appropriate for this damp, grey day.

Here are some pictures Ted took... he's got a great eye!

Lotte Mart down the road

pretty cakes

Korean apartment movers down the street

Free samples at Lotte Mart

gathering sea shells at Daecheon Beach

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