Sunday, September 18, 2011

my little 'eggy'

The Korean word for 'baby' is '아가'. It is written as 'ah-gee', but everyone says it like 'eggy'. Wherever I take Elijah, I hear that word, along with exclamations of how cute he is. 'Cause face it, he is adorable.

Today is special, as it marks Elijah's 20th week! That seems like a significant milestone (at least to me).

He can grab things now, and everything he touches goes straight into his little drooly mouth. He is quite particular, and very vocal about what he doesn't like.

He smiles and laughs so much more now! Especially with his dad... Gary can ALWAYS get a smile and giggle out of him, just by looking at him. Me? I have to work at it, making silly faces and noises.

I keep trying to get all these smiles on camera...but as soon as I take it out, he just stares up at the camera.

He's also getting so big! He's wearing 6-9 month onesies/babygros and Korean size 1-2 year old socks(!).
He weighs 17lb 10oz (8kg) and is about 27 inches (~70cm) tall. He's in the 85th percentile for his height/weight... big 'ol boy.

Just for fun, I'd like to start making a short list like this every month...

Things Elijah likes:

- waking up at 6am
- moving. He hates being stationary.
- standing! He ALWAYS wants to be standing. No sitting or lying down for this little guy!
- his daddy
- being naked
- bath time and massages
- eating while sleeping
- his little blue dog lovey, from dear Aunt Carol. He smiles and coos at it, and tries to fit the whole head in                    his mouth.

Things Elijah doesn't like:

- going to sleep
- staying asleep
- eating during the day
- not having your FULL attention
- tummy time
- bottles and pacifiers (so mama can't leave him for very long).
- sitting/lying down
- being carried in the 'cradle' hold. When he's held, he needs to be upright, or facing forward.

We're enjoying him a lot these days, as his little personality develops and he becomes more social. I am trying to cherish this time while he's small, but I am just so excited to watch him grow!
20 weeks old
3 days old

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