Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shots and Jumperoos

I just hate when Elijah has to have his shots. Poor little man. 

He's on some kind of schedule (given by the doc) where we go in once a week for one shot (every couple months). 

September is one of those months. 

Elijah has had shots for three weeks in a row, the latest one being today.

However, we're done now.... until December.

Elijah has graduated to a jumperoo! No more passive swing-lying for this little man. All he wants to do is stand, so this is perfect.

We are renting it from a toy company we found online. They send the (new) jumperoo, we pay 20,000 won (aprox. $20) a month, and they come get it when our time is up. It's great! I was looking for a company like this, since baby gear is so expensive here. This way, we get to try out different toys, and swap them when he gets bored! 

He likes it (we think)! He doesn't last very long, and doesn't want to be left alone, but I think in the next couple weeks he will start to enjoy it more.


  1. The Koreans are so ingenious! This renting system sounds like a cure for compulsive buying. Perhaps a clothing version of this should be experimented with! I am sorry about the shots though. Poor little man. Love you pickle!

  2. What a CUTIE!! ....and too bad about the shots these past three week! Poor kid. I always feel so bad when it's shot time... :(